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Old 08/11/2017, 10:19 PM   #276
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Join Date: Oct 2014
Location: Toronto GTA,Canada
Posts: 1,331
Final Pieces (Vacation Tank Automation/Monitoring) Completed

The tank is out of my hands. All the Automation I need is in place for a week away.

With the Remote Controller PAN/Tilt Cloud WEB Cam, I can watch the Sump room and DT/Frag Tank. Another Cam is in Kitchen.
I can even tune in (From 1500 Miles away) at Scheduled Feeding Time, and see Lights Flash before Flakes/Pelletd Fall in. Fish should be at Feeder Station.

I could even Schedule in a Water Change, but no point pushing one's Luck.

Hoping to come back to SPS DT moving positively forwards.

When I watch it daily, not much changes.

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Old 08/11/2017, 11:17 PM   #277
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Join Date: Oct 2014
Location: Toronto GTA,Canada
Posts: 1,331
AquaForest (Magnesium Test Kit) Great!

I'm glad I got the AquaForest test kit last time I was not trusting the Salifert giving me high readings.

Tonight MAG on Salifert showed Off the Scale (>1500), which had me concerned, but not trusting at all.

I tested with the AquaForest and got the more reasonable 1380 reading.

It's actually exactly the same steps as Salifert, even the result table.

But it comes with an Extra (B) Solution. which is one Extra Easy Step.

-> You measure Calcium First.
-> Then Based on Calcium Measurement Reading, you add so many Drops of A Solution. (1-5 drops)
-> B drops are the same each time.

What's also nice with the Test Kit is it comes with a MG reference Sample to ensure the kit is reading properly.

To me the extra Cost is Worth it, since I got a reading I could trust
(and that is peace of mind).

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Old 08/12/2017, 04:28 PM   #278
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Join Date: Oct 2014
Location: Toronto GTA,Canada
Posts: 1,331
Always do a 1 Day DRY RUN (ON Vacation Setup) Catastrophe Averted.

So it's a good thing I setup things one day before leaving, since today I had a problem.

When I moved over electrical stuff to Battery UPS, and some things to Utility Power, power was distributed differently.

Today at 5pm when MH Lights came on the GFCI Circuit Breaker Tripped.

This caused Return Pumps on Both Tank to Shut off.

Yet the Power Heads/GyrePumps kept running on both tanks. This caused a massive bubble swirl in the Tanks as water level dropped. Lots of splashing too!!

I FOUND THE CAUSE (and resolved it).
When MH lights turn on the Initial Bulb Firing is higher Voltage and Higher Current for about 1 minute. That was too much for the breaker when both MH lights turned on at same time (new setting).

I staggered the MH Light startup by 5 minutes, and as extra precaution I move the Return Pump to a separate breaker.

I also lowered the Power Heads to be below the water line should Return pump stop and tank drain into sump like what happened today.

I tested a few times and all is good.

I also called over the Neighbour and showed him how to reset the breaker should it happened.

I will be on Airplane in about 12 hours from now.

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Old 08/13/2017, 06:09 AM   #279
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Join Date: Apr 2003
Location: Mtl. Canada
Posts: 6,872
I might pick up one of those AF test kits..
Wally, enjoy to week away!


Current Tank Info: 53x32.5x26 190g dt 60g of sumps 3 tank-100 gal frag system 4x AI prime 6xt5 3x150w mh. 4x maxspect gyre. Skimz Dual internal sicce pump skimmer Deltec PF601s ca rx+Kalk stirrer
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Old Yesterday, 06:45 PM   #280
Registered Member
Join Date: Oct 2014
Location: Toronto GTA,Canada
Posts: 1,331
Back from Week Away (Nothing Went Wrong ) Higher Lighting appears to be Good

Yes, I ran to the tank first thing as entered the house.

So all the automation and failsafe vacation setup worked this time.

Alk only dropped to 7.3 dKH so my 5ml a day dosing was pretty close.

All corals intact and some actually improving, which appears to be the result of the Higher Lighting (MH lights at 250W 12").

I can tell the higher lighting is what the SPS frags needed since I see green fluorescence background colors within the Frag Coloration (something I kept losing on new Frag Purchases).

I'm gong to rent the Quantum Meter again, to increase lighting a touch more.

I may have a few pics from Turks Snorkelling. The SD card failed to read in my Laptop, but it showed pictures in Camera, so hoping things are ok.

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Old Yesterday, 11:28 PM   #281
Registered Member
Join Date: Oct 2014
Location: Toronto GTA,Canada
Posts: 1,331
Snorkelling Photo's (IkeLite Camera Housing with Canon S95 Point & Shoot Camera) Turk and Caicos (Blight Reef @ Coral Gardens)

So the Ikelite with the Canon S95 was worth every penny.

In past with regular underwater camera all I got was blurry, bluish, colorless photos.

I learned that taking Photos while Snorkeling isn't that easy.
You are kind of stuck floating at the top, and getting close-ups is pretty tough as you attempt to dive under and stay stable.

Can't imagine what I get if I did real diving where you can submerge much more stable.

However these are some shot I got.

(These were all practice shots I did on first Reef Visits, since on 2nd visit I brought my camera to take better photos, but Battery was dead, and I left spares in room )
We never went for a 3rd trip since time was limited and other things to do.

This gives you idea of the Reef (which is just a walk in from shore)

Notice the Trigger Fish in the middle.

I tried to chase down a scoot of Blue/Purple tangs (there were like 200). I got a fringe shot of the school

There were many of these Brain Corals

A close-up (had to dive down and hold steady for this shot) NICE POLYPS!!

For me the Most Spectacular part of the Reef were the Purple Sea Fans

I couldn't get enough of the Tangs

This one of the nicer shots of a Parrot Fish (There were Clusters of 4-5 of them, chopping on rocks)

That is for the Reef Snorkeling Photo's.

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Old Yesterday, 11:33 PM   #282
Registered Member
Join Date: Oct 2014
Location: Toronto GTA,Canada
Posts: 1,331
At the Beach (Couple of Interesting Photos with IkeLite Camera)

This shot is of a Massive School of Fish passing by right on our Beach Shore

They would pass by every once in a while. The school would flow in spectacular flowing waves (Sometimes like a river flowing, and other patterns)

This is A Shot of my Son in the School (They would form a perfect circle around you.)

And there was a reason they liked us humans.

It was for protection from this guy, that would follow the School and occasionally have a Meal or two....

The IkeLite Housing was great since it allow me to be more liberal with my camera on the Beach & in Water (no worries damaging Camera).

Got this Nice Sunset Shot just at the surface of the water

Vacation was great (Perfect weather). Did everything we wanted, and it's nice to be home to take care of Tank again.

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Old Today, 12:08 AM   #283
Registered Member
Join Date: Oct 2014
Location: Toronto GTA,Canada
Posts: 1,331
And my Boring SPS Tank (After a Week away), but it Survived

The new coral I got bleached, but the rest are doing well.
The Green Monti, Green Slimer, Red Planet and a few others are Showing some Serious PE.

The Mix Tank SPS corals are mostly good. One did bleach.

And the biggest suprize is the Left Over Corals Frag Pieces I gave up on in the Frag Tank look really Good. I only left the Custom LED on them. Turn off the MH lights.
At least I have something to play with since SPS DT is (Hands off).

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automation, dosing, sump

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