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Basement RENO (Remaining Flooring SECTION Completed) Last Section [ Hallways ]

I left the Hallway till last since I didn't want to damage a High Traffic Area during Cleanup.

The Rectangular Section wasn't terrible, but had TIGHT/Doorway challenges.

But the NARROW Hallway Section, and Final Door was Really TOUGH. (3 hours of work)

Yellow Zone Was difficult (with Double Diagonal, not Perfect 45 Degree Cuts)

The RED ZONE was Killer (like a Jigsaw Puzzle, Really Challenging on last 2 cuts to get under Doorway TRIM)

It came out so straight/Flush, I may not even bother doing trim.


These removable stickers are great. VERY REALISTIC LOOKING (Better than in Photo)
$2 on Alixexpress, and many kinds.

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