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Hey Zooman72. Thank you for your advice.

Could I ask for a bit more help? What do you think of these TP.

(Starting is today's intensity and Ending is after ramping up 2-5 percent per week)

A,B,C, andD are the channels

TP1: 12:00hrs, A-D: Starting and Ending all channels 5

TP2: 14:00hrs, Starting: ABD:35,C:45 Ending: ABD:60,C:70

TP3: 18:00hrs Starting: ABD:60,C:65 Ending: ABD:85,C:90

TP4: 20:30hrs Same as TP3

TP5: 22:00hrs Starting: AD:5,BC:45 Ending: AD:10 BC:85

TP6: 24:00hrs All Channels Starting and ending 0

I was also wondering about when and if to move the corals. I have Candy Cane and a Lobo (center left) and a couple that I'm embarassed to say I don't know what they are except that they are LPS. These are in between the Lobo and candy cane. Do you have any recommendations regarding what point in the acclimation process they should be moved? Or whether they should be move at all. Also, where should they go?


Again, thanks so much!

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