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Originally Posted by Emma1234 View Post
Hi Everyone,

I am going to buy new lights for my 55 gallon mix reef tank. 18 inches deep and 36 inches left to right and 18 inches front to back.

The tank is in my living room. So my wife has to approve. Anything hanging from the ceiling won't fly. And we wouldn't want the light so bright coming around the tank or between the light and the tank that it would be blinding or distracting. And the "disco" effect, I've heard raised with LEDs, is something that I'm concerned about. And I'd love to have something that provides shimmer.

The Photon V2 and Kessil AP700 both look attractive.

Anyone have any insights on either of these two lights or maybe another recommendations given our needs.

I have the reef breeder 50"v2 and if I keep the red and green diodes under 5% I get no rainbow shimmer...but it does shimmer like natural sun....I had it hanging 10" from the top of the water over a 6ft 220g tank with almost no spill over...
I have since taken that tank down and I am in the process of setting up a reefer 450...I'm not hanging the light this time I'm using the stand that came with the light...with no water in the tank there doesn't seem to be too much spill over....
But for the money the reef breeder brand is an excellent choice...

Hope this helps

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