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One point to consider is that most of the 'disco effect' is caused by just the red and green leds. It's because there are so few, and as stated by zooman above, because they are spread so far apart.

But in my Photon V2 there are only 4 reds and 4 greens out of 88 leds and half the blue and all the whites are 5 watts rater than 3 watts. The red and green leds may or may not have some effect on the coral, it's still very questionable in my mind. Since white light has a mix of spectrum so there is already red and green in the total mix. Therefore, I turn the red and green leds off except during the brightest midday 4 or 5 hours and they really don't have much disco effect then. During the 4 hour sunrise and 5 hour sunset I don't use the red or green and there is NO disco effect at all.

I have some shimmer, but it is not as much as leds with pucks. But then leds with pucks have more issues with shadows being darker and the undersides of branching sps corals not doing as well. The V2 has the same issue, just not nearly as bad.

IMHO the V2 is about as good looking as a fixture can get.


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