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Originally Posted by frenchreef View Post
Thanks a lot slief

You say the pump are the same but in the technical data for:

the 130 the pump was a Mini Red Dragon 300 ( Delivery rate: 200-400 l/h Air inlet ~ 300-600 l/h Water inlet)
for the 150 the pump was a Mini Red Dragon 600 (Delivery rate: 625 l/h Air inlet ~ 800 l/h Water inlet)

you confirm that?

I'm in doubt and I do not know which one I bought. On one side I tell myself that the 130 will be too weak and on the other side the 150 too powerful
The motors are essentially the same physically. It’s the impeller/volute that differs as the 130 requires lower flow rates than the 150.

Your tank is small and the load is small. The 130 would work just fine. The larger skimmer will work too but you will likely need to run it wetter to maintain consistency. Also keep in mind that 5 to 6 small fish and the food they consume is going to generate very little dissolved organics so there won’t be much for either skimmer to skim out.

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