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Originally Posted by dave.m View Post

I do not meant to be discouraging at all. I am simply trying to point out that there are going to be some logistics involved as part of the planning process. Some people draw computer mock-ups to get an idea of what it is they are planning. This takes a lot of skill. Another way to do it is to get some cardboard boxes and build a life-sized mock-up and put it where you intend to put your real tank.

I do not have a large tank by any means coming in at 210 gallons but I just wanted to say really consider or hear what Dave.M is saying. My tank is small but it is 30" tall. The stand is also 30" tall. I like it but I do not like having to do something in the tank that requires me to reach the bottom. And it does happen be it a larger silly turbo snail or trying to place a coral.

The tank is 54" wide x 30" tall x 30" deep. So just wanted to sort of reemphasize that bit about leaning, working on, maintenance, etc. Once you have it all done I don't think it will matter has much. But has it matures and you build, maintain it....I'm seconding guessing some of my choices


Current Tank Info: 210 gallon mixed reef
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