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Originally Posted by pisanoal View Post
Tanks started with dry rock and sand are prone to issues with odd bacterial blooms. That looked like algae, based on the hair look to it, but I strongly recommend you buy some varieties of bottled bacteria and dose them for a while. Or get some good live rock or sand to help seed the diversity.

Really cool scape by the way.
I have a similar bloom as OP. Started at the 2 month mark after diatoms disappeared.

Also started with dry pukani and sand, the former was soaked in LC for a month so its not a phosphate issue. Seeded with one bottle of Seachem stability bacteria.

Seems this type of bacteria bloom happens more nowadays based on forum observation. Its reducing as im scrubbing the pukani and changing filter socks.. i even pulled the GFO offline the last.2 weeks in case its related to a nitrate phosphate imbalance?

75g SPS dominant (Ca= 400ppm, Mg = 1350ppm, Kh= 8.5dkh)

2xJebao wp25/Kessil Ap700/Kalk via Tunze ATO/GFO (6 tbsps every 2 wks); Carbon (6 tbsps per month)
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