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it seems to be random at different times when I replug in the straight cable from the pump controller to the multicontroller. This time I have it on interval 1 and it just stays in idle whetther the controller LEDs are reading 60% + or not power. And then I switch it to Interval 2 and it seems to work at least to some extent, but then goes back to idle, then stops completely. I'm pretty sure it's fried, beyond calibration. Because this is nothing like what the calibration video was suggesting (which was pretty simple).

The mac version of the software, in interval mode, when one pump is not pumping, then the impeller just stops? So a fish can get chopped up easily when it starts up again? But it does have ramp up, but only b/c the Tunze 3 has it' sown ramp up?
I really didnt want to get a windows anything b/c that means I'll have to get good virus protection ugh. All this for just one wave controller lol.
I'm thinking to just stick with the mini controllers that the tunze 3 's came with.
There is no way to put a night mode on the plain controllers, right?
What's the best way to use two TUNZE 3 with the little controllers? Whaat settings, etc.?
The only reason I can see I'd get a separate new multicontroller is for the night mode really... Is there something i can do to get around that? << can a photocell be added and somehow night mode activate?


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