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Originally Posted by ErosJN View Post
Hey Ron,
I went to horseshoe today, what a little gem!! I took some photos (though my phone died shortly after arriving). When I get back home on Sunday, I'll give you the details There were cucumbers, tons of emeralds, blue legs, orange claws, rock anemones, etc. I wasn't expecting that drop in horseshoe.. I wonder how deep it drops, I saw some huge fish eye balling me right where it drops down and gets dark lol I was to chicken to leave the edges.
Did you do any snorkeling around the outside of the horseshoe? The opening at the end has lots of cool stuff inside and outside the Horseshoe. Just out from the opening is a boat channel which is deeper that the surrounding bottom. A friend of ours always goes down in the channel and brings back very interesting stuff. There are always lion fish down there. Last June he brought up a huge arrow crab that stood about 6" tall. I appreciate your feedback and look forward to your next report.

Several scuba divers have told me the inside area of the horseshoe is roughly 40' deep and is mostly vertical walls with lots of small shelves and pockets. I understand there are lots of juvenile lobsters, coral banded shrimp and both red and white flame scallops tucked in the holes.

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