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Originally Posted by Ron Reefman View Post
I'm in the Keys this weekend. My wife and I snorkeled the island this morning. I even collected a rock flower anemone, green and white tentacles, white face and a very purple mouth.

When I get home on Monday I'll do a google earth image showing where the island is. It doesn't have as many as it did many years ago. But my wife and I agree, there were probably somewhere between 300 and 500 and the island is only the size of a big house! It's on the Florida Bay side of Vaca Key (Marathon) and just a few hundred yards to the northwest off the tip of Crane Point. The nems are all up close to the vertical wall where the island meets the water. But 99.99% of them are well attached to the rocks with their feet attached in deep holes. So a hammer and a small chisel may be required. I happened to find the one I collected attached to the surface of a big rock just a few feet from the island and it wasn't in a hole, so it was easier to remove! LOL! My wife got a nice photo and I'll post that up as well.
Don't get caught using it or with it on you vessel, the FWC is very testy as to approved devices for collecting....and a hammer and chisel don"t qualify lol...

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