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OK, let's see...

Channel A - Royal Blue & Cool White
Channel B - Royal Blue & Light Blue
Channel C - Deep Blue & Violet
Channel D - Deep Red, Cyan, & Warm White

For your sunrise, you can go full spectrum (all channels), or just keep it to blues and violets (B & C or just C). If you want to mimic natural conditions with sunrise and sunset, your timepoints should be a mirror of each half (i.e. 1-3 opposite of 4-6) so that you have a bell curve in the intensity profile. If you want it to highlight the look of corals when you are around it most, your can pick the color profile you like and adjust to taste.

I see TP 2 and 5 are not identical, which I take to mean that you are highlighting when you are present to observe. I also note that you are maxing out at 85-90% for 2.5 hours, which is fine if your corals can handle it, which leads me to your other concern - coral placement.

Unless you have a PAR meter and records of preference for the corals you are keeping, you have no other choice but to "read" your corals' responses to the increase in lighting. LPS will look "unhappy" by not expanding and fading in color when light stressed. This means you have to know what "happy" looks like and proceed from there.

My older Gen 1 Razors max out at 80% some 12" above my 40B's (16" deep mixed reefs with anemones), whereas your tank is a bit deeper, so you might be OK with a slightly higher max intensity, but your fixtures are a bit more powerful, so be careful and patient, and good luck!

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