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I bought the Maxspect Razor.

I was wondering what settings I should use. I

I thought I'd ramp the lights up overtime to accilimate the corals to the better lights. I had Current Lights before.

I have LPS and soft corals.

The preset program (preset 3) is for LPS and soft corals.

The highest light setting is between 50 -60% per the manual.

Thats a bit disapointing.

When I bought the light and had it at 100% it was spectacular.

But at 60% it looks simlar to the old current.

I will say that the corals seem to be doing better with the new lights.

I had the new lights one week.

Any thoughts about increasing the intensity of the lights. At least for a couple of hours at night when I'm home to enjoy.

Thanks for all the help

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