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If you are concerned with "disco" (i.e. color separation from individual diodes exacerbated with surface agitation), the ReefBreeders (which is currently out of stock in the 32" size, which is $500) would carry the greatest risk, as the diodes are widely spaced apart - good for coverage, but not for color blending (at least at the height it would be with the mounting legs - less an issue if used higher and hung). Comes with mounting legs. I have used this light in the 24" size, but replaced it with a Maxspect (see below).

The Kessil AP700 would not have an issue with color blending as the diodes are tightly spaced and under one lens (two clusters). It can be mounted with a pair of accessory arms, but now the total cost is over $900 (and that is with the recent discount on the unit itself). I am one of those aquarist that finds the overall color rendition of Kessil lighting a bit bland, but that is a personal view - others love it. Well known for appealing shimmer. However, not sure if wifi app has been improved - was a source of frustration initially and for some time after. I have not used this light, but have seen it in person over multiple aquariums owned by acquaintances and retailers.

Another option to consider would be the Maxspect Razor X 150 (between $520 and $530 depending on vendor) - three clusters with reflectors, not lenses (reduces "disco"), can be controlled via onboard controller or add-on hub (if one wants remote app programming). Brand new light, but an upgrade on the previous generation (full disclosure, I use three of the first gen, and love them). Also comes with mounting legs. Shimmer would be mild, but better than ReefBreeders (not as good as the Kessil).

You would need multiples of other common fixtures, but a pair of EcoTech Radion XR15's would also be a good option, but again pricey - figure around $1000 for the lights and mounts. I have not used the Gen 4 model, but currently use a Gen 3 Pro XR30 - very nice light, but pricey.

I believe the Maxspect delivers the most "bang for the buck" for a mixed reef. There are also cheaper "black box" options, but their quality and color rendition leaves much to be desired IMO.

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