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Originally Posted by cFloor View Post
To add some nitrate, would you recommend dosing, turning down my skimmer, or feeding more?
The best way to raise nitrate without potentially raising phosphate levels as well, is with nitrate additions only..
I currently use Seachemís Flourish Nitrogen. It is potassium nitrate. I add 3 capfuls on Wednesday and Saturday to maintain n around 3 ppm- with my cheato fuge growing heavily..
I started with adding one capful and testing n a day later to see if it had any impact. Sometime it takes a couple of doses to get a reading but once you do get a reading, you should then back off the dose a bit so as not to overshoot your target level..
In your case, you should probably add n and then test both n and p.. you have to do a lot of regular dosing and testing to figure out proper dosage.. it can take several weeks to see the effect and figure out a running dose..
if your system is nitrate limited, you may see a drop in p before you get a significant reading for n.
I forget.. are you carbon dosing?


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