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Yeah, Michael, money is quite the limiting factor sometimes. But, it's not always weather I have it or not. Sometimes, it's just that I find it difficult to pull the trigger without doing enough research, almost to the point of obsession where I can't make up my mind on exactly the product that I want, for fear of buying something that won't live up to my expectations. And, that fault isn't always with aquarium supplies, LOL. I'll go to a cool tackle shop and fill my cart with stuff that I "want" and wind up going around and putting most of it back and wind up with only what I "need". My wife is the opposite...spends money that I saved from putting the stuff back, LOL.

Dawn, that is so true, well said.

I love just about all kinds of fishing, mostly freshwater but I also like catching striped bass and saltwater fishing. I've had quite the variety, from fly fishing for brook trout, to fly fishing for salmon and steelhead and saltwater fishing. I used to bass fish primarly, but also enjoy fishing for panfish (crappie, perch, bluegills) and I'm also an avid ice fisherman. My latest obsession has been musky fishing, because it is so difficult compared to other species. Right now, the big stripers are in, so it is cool to get a big striper on a crankbait, but the bass fishing now is good too...but that is always the case in the spring, all of the fishing is good. I'll share a couple fishing pics, but don't want to hijack your thread. I mostly practice catch, photo, and release, but once in a blue moon I may keep some panfish from an ice fishing trip, or a snakehead if I catch one (they are so delicious, best fish that I ever ate).

My personal best striped bass:

Me with a musky, not huge and not my biggest, but a good pic showing their teeth, but I'll take it (they don't get that big in my neck of the woods like they do up North):

My only snakehead, but it was a biggun at 16 pounds, 36 1/2" long:

I've caught lots of bass like this, which are big for Maryland but not so big in Florida, about 7 pounds or so. I've bass fished a LOT in my life.

Fishing, fish collecting, and fossil collecting (mostly sharks teeth) take up so much of my free time that I'm not home all that much. When I'm home, I like to just I need to make better use of my home time.

Sorry to hijack. I guess my fishing pics will get some fish keepers a bit upset, but oh well. 99.99% of the fish that I catch went back to what they were doing before I caught them.

OK, sorry, back to your tank thread

Blennies Rock!

--Kevin Wilson

Current Tank Info: 101g 3'X3'X18" Cubish Oyster Reef Blenny tank, 36"X17"X18" sump
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