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Yeah, that makes more sense for ME to be Mr Pot, heh, heh…

This discussion has been very informative! Cheers!

Kevin, I was in a similar place regarding nasties. I wasn't concerned with hitchhikers on plants, etc. I benefitted a lot by getting freebies, like plants, pods and worms. Now however, I have several undesirable organisms I want to eradicate, and I don't want them to return, hence the obsession with sterilizing stuff. I don't expect to go 'full nazi', but I do want to have a procedure in place.

I 'got away with it' for three years before I had trouble. I managed to get rid of ICH, but since then I've accumulated a few other items I'd like to get rid of, and hopefully not return. They are dinoflagellates, aiptasia anemones and a few macro algae.

These items, as well as some system fixes, led me down the path to the re-do. Having lived with the setup awhile, the little things that bugged me gradually became bigger things. I was very happy how things went with the tank. I was thrilled to keep the plants alive! Now I'm at the point where I have a better idea what I don't want, whereas before it was like "everyone's welcome!"

I see this as my own evolution as an ecosystem manager/gardener. I'm fascinated with our two tanks similarities and differences, as well as our methods to get there!

As many naturalists and environmentalists have suggested, we should set aside our arrogance,
our desire to conquer and control everything, and walk hand in hand with Mother Nature. -Walter Adey

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