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Originally Posted by Nickyfish View Post
I just started in the reef hobby always had fish

I have a 120 and a kissel ap700 and a orbit 48" any thing u would add
Are you planing on using those two fixtures together? If so, how will you place them?

The Kessil is much more powerful than the Orbit (which is only good for fish only or shallow reefs under 18"... even better would be 12" or less).

Originally Posted by tatmanfish View Post
I'm finally going to make the move to LED for my new tank, but have a couple things I need help with.

My tank is a aquavim 105g corner making it tough to figure out an exact fixture or fixtures to cover the tank with little shadows. Don't mind shimmer at all as I have ran MH.

The tank is a 32" quarter cylinder with the longest distance between corners hitting 45" and a depth of 30".

It will be an sps dominate tank and I will be using the Neptune Apex so compatible fixtures are a plus. Price for fixture/s isn't too big of an issue, but the south side of $1000 is ideal.

Any advice would be greatly appreciated.
Tough tank to get good over all coverage. Is there an overflow in the back corner? I'd be looking at a 24" fixture up each side or doing 2... maybe 3 pendants like Kessils. Good luck.

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