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Originally Posted by Ron Reefman View Post
I don't, but then I don't snorkel much up that way. I know of a few spots down in the Middle Keys. But you do realize that the rock flowers you'll find in the shallow water while snorkeling won't be anything like the crazy colors in the marketplace online, right? I've never seen any like them in 14 years of snorkeling.

I do know a licensed collector who does a lot of great colorful rock flowers. He won't tell me where exactly, but he says they are down 40' to 60' and he scuba dives to collect them. He also says they are not anywhere close to shore.

I'll be out snorkeling the Middle Keys this coming weekend with our local aquarium club.
Ok, I saw you mentioned an island in Florida bay earlier that had like a drop off covered in them. Could you tell me where that is exactly?

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